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Members Meet with Mrs Nayan Futnami – The Happiness Coach

Members of Deepshikha Mahila Club participated in a session by Mrs Nayan Futnami, a gifted speaker and trainer who has conducted over a 100 workshops nationally and internationally. She is an expert on understanding cosmic¬†energies and vibrations and explains these concepts with in a simple way to a layman audience. The event was conducted on […]

Diwali Get Together 2021

Members of Deepshikha Mahila Club were invited to a meet and greet event on 25th November 2021. The event was conducted at Sailing Club of Hyderabad. Interactive Games followed by delicious food kept the attendees thoroughly entertained throughout the event.

The Diwali 2021 Gala

Deepshikha Mahila Club organized a Soiree for its members to celebrate the festival of Diwali. Members were treated to a hearty laugh with plays enacted by the members. This was followed by a game of Tambola and dinner.