Deepshikha Mahila Club invites its members to “Narayanpur Ki Ramayan” – a comedy play by Surender Sahil Verma.

Titled, Narayanpur ki Ramayan, the play is all about the confusion that’s happening in this small village called — Narayanpur. Directed by Surendar Sahil Varma, this place takes a sarcastic dig at the current scenario of our country.

The play opens with a rumour about a kid breaking an ancient bow which creates a whole lot of confusion in the village. The villagers and the politicians play around it without knowing the actual reason behind it. This confusion does create a lot of chaos in the lives of the villagers who are ignorant and innocent.

The drama that begins with the breaking of the bow leads to an extra marital affair between two married people who are nowhere related to it. While, this brings one storm in the village, the other comes in the form of elections. This is the first time Narayanpur is going to have elections and every party leader wants to make a speech to get their votes.

The funniest part is that all the politicians hire the same writer to prepare the speech focusing on the bow. These politicians do not even know anything about it, but they yet come to address the public on this.

On Saturday 14-October-2017, 7.30 pm at Hotel ITC Kakatiya.