Mirror work is a method by Louise Hay for learning to love yourself and see the world as a safe and loving place. Ms. Omana Hirantata is a Certified and Licensed Heal Your Life® Workshop Leader, Heal Your Life® Coach, Heal Your Life® Heart Centered Business Trainer and Coach for the business world and Heal Your Life® Teen Trainer. She is also an ICF approved Certified Success Coach and Certified Master Spirit Life Coach. She is an entrepreneur, a parent, a teacher and manager too.

Her passion is to facilitate learning through coaching, teaching and organizing. She has been supporting people to learn, change and grow using the mind-body and mind-life connections for more than fifteen years now. Omana teaches and coaches people how to experience freedom through acceptance as well as create happiness, health and success in daily life.

Deepshikha Mahila Club conducted a session by Ms Oman Hirantara for the benefit of its Members during its February 2019 Meeting. Members benefited from the expertise the Expert Coach offered into handling challenges of life by rooting out negative energies that affect our abilities in a detrimental manner.