1965 – 68   :     Smt. Shantidevi Pitti

Formation of Deepshikha Mahila Club. Deepmela was organized for the first time.  “Rhimjhim” play was staged.

1968 – 70  :     Smt. Padma Patny

Formation of bye laws of the  Club. Deepmela was organized.  Deepkala Kendra was started.

1970 – 72    :       Smt. Satyabhama Jalan

Donation of funds, clothes, etc., to flood victims in Andhra Pradesh.  Wheel chairs were gifted by the club to disabled soldiers of 1971 Indo Pak War.

1972 – 74     :      Smt. Damyanti Ganeriwal

Deepshikha Mahila Club was registered.  Annual scholarship for students of Signodia College was granted.  Smt. Lalitha Shashtri, wife of Prime Minister Late Shri. Lal Bahadur Shastri visited Deepshikha Mahila Club.

1974 – 76     :       Smt. Nirmala Gupta

Donation to orphanage. Donage by Deepshikha Mahila Club for construction of hall in Marwadi Hindi Vidyalay.

1976 – 77   :     Smt. Kalmala Jaju

Construction of hall in Marwadi Hindi Vidyalay started. Sale of Deekala Kendra Products was done by club. Children’s day was organized in the club for the first time.

1977 – 78    :       Smt. Indu Jain

Donation of funds, clothes, etc., for cyclone victims by club members.  Deepshikha Mahila Club helped mentally disabled childredn.

1978 – 79   :     Smt. Vijay Lakshmi Shekhawat

Various competitions and programmes for children were  organized by Deepshikha Mahila Club.

1979 – 80    :        Smt. Kamlesh Mehta

Funds were collected by staging a play.  Donations were given to Kanya Gurukul High School by Deepshikha Mahila Club.

1980 – 81    :       Smt. Saroj Kabra

Completion of hall in Marwadi Hindi vidyalay.

1981 – 82     :       Smt. Snehlata Gangwal

Flower decoration competition was held in the club.

1982 – 83     :       Smt. Aruna Malani

Deepshikha Mahila Club held work shop on cooking by Tarla Dalal.  Construction of one portion of KGHS was started by Deepshikha Mahila Club.

1983 – 84      :       Smt. Nirmala Lahoti

‘Safiad Kundli’ play was staged. Inauguration of ‘Deepshikha Block’ in Kanya Gurukul High School.  Formation of Deepyojana an advisory body. Deepshikha Mahila Club got Income Tax exemption.

1984 – 85    :       Smt. Kamini Sanghi

Donation to a kidney transplant patient by Deepshikha Mahila Club.

1985 – 86     :       Smt. Suman Golecha

Inauguration of Deepshikha Hall in Marwadi Hindi Vidyalay. ‘Holi Ekta Samelan’ play was staged by members.

1986 – 87    :       Smt. Anjana Somani

Club helped flood victims with food, clothes and money. Quiz on religious scriptures was organized.  ‘Gaon Mela’ was organized.

1987 – 88      :       Smt. Jaya Daga

‘Bharat Gaurav’ a play was staged by children of the members and was organized by Smt. Anjana Somani.Deepshikha Mahila Club adopted Kanya Gurukul High School.

1988 – 89       :       Smt. Anju Kabra

Panel discussion on rights of women. ‘Gaon Mela’ was organized by the club and members of Deepshikha Mahila Club participated in “Stree Mela”.

1989 – 90      :       Smt. Saroj Bhojania

Deepmela was organized by the club.  IT exemption renewed.  Donation to flood victims.

1990 – 91       :       Smt. Geeta Goenka

Silver Jubilee Year of Deepshikha Mahila Club was celebrated.  Souvenir “Amrit Bindu” was brought out. Durga a dance ballet by Hema Malini was staged.  A play, Varharan was staged by members.

1991 – 92    :       Smt. Padma Patny

Bye Laws of club and trust were revised.  Inter school painting competition was organized by Kanya Gurukul High School and nearly 1200 children participated in the competition.

1992 – 93     :       Smt. Hemlata Khemka

Deepshikha Mahila Club organized Remleela, Krishna Leela discourses for citizens of twin cities for 15 days and artists were from Vrindavan.

1993 – 94     :       Smt. Kasturi Mutha

Deepshikha Mahila Club organized “Tambola” to raise funds.

1994 – 95     :       Smt. Padma Sultania

A cultural show “Kal Aaj aur Kal” was staged and funds were raised by the Deepshikha Mahila Club.

1995 – 96     :       Smt. Aruna Malani

Casino night was organized for members and their friends to raise funds.  Medical camp was organized at Kanya Gurukul High School.Kanya Gurukul High School won third price at science fair organized by A. P. Education Department.

1996 – 97     :       Smt. Shanta Malani

All the Best, Feroz Khan’s play from Mumbai was staged to raise funds.

1997 – 98      :       Smt. Anjana Sanghi

Tambola was organized to raise funds.  Deepmela was organized. Kanya Gurukul High School won second price for National Song competition by Prasar Bharati.

1998 – 99      :       Smt. Sushma Kakani

Deepmela was organized by the club at a grand scale at Jaya Gardens.  Construction of Deepshikha Bhawan at Kanya Gurukul High School was started and in that an auditorium was made in the memory of our founder member Late Smt. Satyabhama Jalan.

1999 – 2000    :       Smt. Vibha Jalan

Dental camp was organized at school.  Deepmela was organized for two days for the first time.  Inauguration of Smt. Satyabhama Jalan auditorium.

2000 – 01          :       Smt. Sunita Saraf

Club meeting was held for the first time at Deep- shikha Bhawan. A quiz programme was held. By Deepshikha Mahila Club.  Deepmela was organized.

2001 – 02    :       Smt. Jaya Daga

Deepmela assumed a professional form and was a grand success.  Deepshikha Mahila Club started “Deep Vatika” in Kanya Gurukul High School.

2002 – 03     :       Smt. Usha Sanghi

Modern Ramayan was staged by member’s children and was a superhit.  Deepmela was successfully organized.

2003 – 04      :       Smt. Aruna Kothari

Deepmela was a great success.  Kanya Gurukul High School English Medium was started.

2004 – 05     :        Smt. Chitrita Agarwal

Donation for infant’s heart surgery by Deepshikha Mahila Club. ‘Best home maker’ contest was organized for the ladies of the twin cities. Deepmela venue was changed to imperial garden and was organized for three days for the first time.

2005 – 06       :       Smt. Urmila Malani

Bye Laws of Club and Trust were revised.  Basic computer training and pre-primary teachers training course were started in vocational training center.  Deepmela was a success.

2006 – 07       :      Smt. Shobha Bansal

‘Helping hands to physically disabled’ camp was organized by the club.  Talent show ‘Little Champ Kaun’ was organized for kids.  A very successful Deepmela was held.

2007 – 08       :     Smt.Veena Marda

Registration DeepMela of was done. Deepshikha Mahila Club website was launched on 12 July 2007. Opening of Vocational Jr. college. Construction of 15 Rooms in school premises was completed.

2008 – 09       :     Smt. Santosh Birla

80G Certificate was obtained. Poetry recital by Veteran actress Mr. Zohra Sehgal. Kanya Gurukul Brochure was updated and printed. Success of Deepmela broke  all previous records. Poetry on “Raagmala”, paintings by famus poet Shri Idbalji Patni.

2009 – 10       :     Smt. Arpita Gangwal

Documentary on Kanya Gurukul High School was made and new brochure was released.“Deepmela” venue was changed to Jewel Gardens and “Deepmela” was registered under Trade Mark. Donations were given for Flood victims. Garage sale was organized. Kanya Gurukul High School combined sports meet was organized. Email and SMS updates were started. Deepshikha Mahila Club awards were organized.

2010 – 11       :     Smt. Priyanka Jaju

Deepmela was inaugurated by Telugu Super Star Shri Balkrishna Garu. Smt. Satya Saranji conducted a book reading session and screening of the songs of Director Guru Dutt.

2011 – 12       :    Smt. Neeta Jain

Shri Pradeep Jain (Union Minister) was invited as chief guest & Shri Jayesh Ranjan (Principal Secretary for Tourism in A.P.) as guest of honour for the Installation Ceremony. Deepmela was inaugurated by Smt. Rita Bahuguna Joshi (President, U.P.C.C.). Songs of Kishore Kumar were presented by Shri Chintan Bakiwala from Indore (Runner up – K for Kishore Kumar). KGHS Students were taken for a visit to the INFOSYS Campus & for a special screening of movie ‘I am Kalam’.